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Brady & Associates, LLC., employs Clarion certified developers specializing in custom,  vertical market database application development for small businesses worldwide.

Using Clarion for Windows, a state of the art database programming language and rapid application development environment, we provide our customers with affordable solutions for their computing problems.  For a more in-depth description of Clarion, particularly when compared to other development languages, click here for a 10 minute introduction to Clarion.

Clarion Tutorials

Data Dictionary tutorial

Application Generator tutorial (coming soon!)

Why Clarion? document originally published by Topspeed for Clarion for Windows 5.0.

If you have any questions about Clarion programming resources for software projects in which you may be involved, please be sure to send us a message and your question / request will be answered in the shortest possible time. 

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For information regarding our line of Internet security related products, please see the following sites:

Firewall Log Analysis Software at http://www.firewallreporting.com

Secure Address Book for Windows at http://www.firewallreporting.com/sab/

NEW!: Wi-Fi WEP Key Generator Utility - Take control of your Wi-Fi network security. This utility allows you to manage your Wi-Fi routers or access points to help keep your network protected from wardrivers and other network tomfoolery.

FREE!: Email address list cleaner - Eliminate invalid addresses and duplicates with this easy to use utility. Specify an input and output filename and your list of email addresses will be automatically 'laundered'.

FREE!: Windows XP Service Pack 2 Network Installation Retriever Utility
Don't download XP SP2 from peer to peer networks and take the chance of getting clobbered by a trojan or other type of malware. Use our new XP SP2 Retriever to download the XP SP2 service pack directly from Microsoft and automatically test the authenticity of the file.

FREE!: Clarion Magazine Automatic Login Utility. If you are a subscriber to Clarion Magazine you may use this utility to automate the login to Clarion Magazine so you don't have to type your user name and password.

Writing about technology is another one of my hobbies. Here are some technology related articles not associated with Clarion development that you might find interesting.

Diabetes Management Through the Use of Technology

Layman's Guide to Digital Video

Digital Video Revisited

Video Professor - scam by internet marketing company is revealed.

Useful Developer Tools
Several people have emailed us to ask about links that were on our old web site for development tools that we have found useful.  As a convenience we have posted the links here:

FREE!: Web Email Address Cloaking Utility
Keep spam bots from harvesting the email addresses from your web sites! This utility allows you to encode your web site email addresses into HTML character entities (unicode) or Javascript.

FREE!: Demo showing recording and playback of audio files in Clarion
using the MSSR210 OCX from Product Technology Partners, Ltd.  The source code for this demo will be appearing in Clarion Magazine sometime in July.

FREE!: Demo showing how to use OCX controls in Clarion.
This example features the xfXSlider control from xfXJumpStart, a soon to be released free slider control that is currently included with the DXVU Meter OCX for recording and playing WAV files. Watch for a new demo using the DXVU OCX coming soon. 
The xfXSlider is not currently available on the xfXJumpStart web site as a stand-alone product. As soon as it is available I will post a link here to the xfXSlider page.

FREE!: Example demo showing how to use the RSA MD5 algorithm, written in C, in Clarion.  Here is another example showing how to use MD5 using an external DLL created with Visual Basic.

FREE!: Example demo showing how to use Blowfish encryption / decryption in Clarion.

FREE!: Example demo showing how to do email address validation using regular expressions in Clarion. This utility will take a list of email addresses, eliminate the invalid addresses and eliminate the duplicates from the list of valid addresses.

FREE!: Example demo showing how to use regular expressions to extract data from a text file. This example extracts a list of directories and files and displays them in a relational tree control.

FREE!: The US Zip code list in Topspeed file format. It includes county, city, and state data files click here

FREE!: The Owen Brunker threading fix for Clarion 5.5 may be downloaded by clicking here.

CapeSoft makes some FANTASTIC tools for Clarion developers. If you are new to Clarion you simply must have Capesoft File Manager to take care of your data file maintenance and upgrade processes. They also make a great graphing tool for Clarion called Insight Graphing.  Download the Insight Graphing Stacked Bar example program to see how to do stacked bar graphs with Insight Graphing.

The Ripley Software Code Commentor.  This is a GREAT product for use with any programming language (it's written in Clarion of course!).  Use it with Clarion, Delphi, Visual Basic, C++... It's the fastest and easiest way I have found to comment additions and changes to source code embedded in modern integrated development environments and it's very customizable.

Just who is Ben E. Brady???  Download my resume to find out!
For a copy of our resume, please click here.

For a copy of our certifications, please click here.

SoftVelocity, the current owners of Clarion for Windows do not offer evaluation copies of the current version of the product for prospective customers to see first hand what a great product Clarion is for developing Windows applications.  The current version of Clarion is 6.0. The last evaluation copy was for version 5.0.  If you are interested in evaluating the software you will need to contact their sales department in order to obtain more information.

Webmaster Resources

Here are some links to webmaster resources that I have found useful.

Some of the best graphics, wallpapers and icon sets you will find ANYWHERE on the net!
1stLogoDesign and 1stIconDesign

Resources and links for every web master

Miscellaneous Links

Here's an example of another of my talents. (yes, it's a FREE music download that you will not have to worry about triggering a mailing from the RIAA!)

Home Theater System & LCD Projector - Video Projector
Mitsubishi Presentations offers top of the line home theater system components, LCD projectors, video projectors, multimedia projectors and DLP Projectors.